Monday, March 15, 2010

square fifteen


  1. Hi amy! I love your little squares SO much. You have the sweetest ideas.

    I am jumping in a little late! I have 5 squares done so far, off to work on a few more today. I am going to do a total of 35 squares since I am 35 so I will catch up soon.

    Thanks for offering this little stitchalong... so fun! I am feeling so inspired. ;)

    xo Heather

  2. Love this little gift!!
    ~Molly P

  3. I love this, the colors are great! My favorite is the little bow on the top of the present. So pretty. I'm really enjoying this stitch-a-long!

  4. These are all SO adorable!!!
    I'm thinking of starting one that's 2-inch squares... I was riding home from my Mom's yesterday (four hours!) and writing down ideas for squares.
    I LOVE yours!
    What are you going to do with it when it's done? (All i can think of is on a tote, or maybe the back of a jean jacket, but i don't wanna do that...) ...Maybe frame it?!

  5. I just discovered your stitch along, and am loving all the inspiration! What a wonderful way to celebrate and honor your birthday!

  6. This is so fun, Amy! Thanks for hosting!! Im having a great time with my stitching...

  7. Your stitching is so fun, I love it. You have me hooked. I would love to join.

  8. Oh, I can resist no longer! I would love to join!

    I've been watching everyone's squares and it just looks too fun to pass up. Please count me in. What a fun idea!

    Hugs, Debi

  9. Just found your blog and fell in love! Can't wait to get started. What do you do with your squares once you are finished? As I'm fairly new to embroidery, could you please mention which stitches you use?