Saturday, March 13, 2010

square thirteen

It is, indeed, a rainy day, so the picture isn't the best. You can't even see the delicate rain stitched with fine silvery thread. I felt like I was making the emperor's new clothes with that thread...I even made a few stitches without the needle threaded without even knowing it!

I'm getting to the point where all the ideas I had are getting used up...and we're not even half way there. So I thought I'd make an inspiration list. Add to it, if you'd like...or post one on your blog.

spools of thread
cake with candles
basket of eggs
four leaf clover
self portrait
home sweet home
stitch over a piece of lace
sugar bowl with spoon
egg in egg cup

That's better...


  1. after swooning over many squares at many blogs i went to michaels and purchased the basic supplies to start my squares. i hope to jump in and join (a bit late) soon. wish me luck, i haven't embroidered since i was 11.

    this is adorable!


  2. Ooh, I have been trying to think of a good "E" square. I like the egg in eggcup idea. Need to see one!

  3. I know what you mean! But I've been so inspired by the sampler squares I see on flickr, and they often spark a new idea for me.

  4. Very fun! ...actually, adorable!
    I bought some silver to go with my 'palette' (which I've completely deviated from) and I've been surprised how difficult it is to work with. Today is the first day since I've started that I haven't posted a new block but I'm completely loving this project.

  5. I have sort of joined, I have been working on my sampler that I got all inspired about when you were working on this last summer. I am going to post about it this weekend so I can officially join. I have been running out of inspiration too. I wanted my sampler to represent my family and I have a daughter and two boys. My art skills are pretty basic so I turned to those Ed Emberley kid's drawing book and found some good ideas for boy stuff like trains, cars and rockets.

  6. I spent a few minutes skteching ideas in my journal the other day -- spirls, leaves, a monogram, paisleys and a spider web. I'll post the sketches and share my inspiration.

  7. Yes, I know what you mean. Thanks for the list of ideas!!

  8. Your little squares are adorable Amy! The flickr group is wonderful ~ so many beautiful little samplers being created. I'm doing mine in Celebration of my recent 50th birthday so each of the squares represents something special. I added the Olympic rings - being held here in Canada made them extra special, a little dog paw for our recently adopted 11 year old lab, lucky numbers, Union Jack & Maple Leaf (born in England, living in Canada)...Happy Stitching ♥

  9. I just did a dragonfly on mine today. Easy peasy! LOVE all of your squares, Amy!!!

  10. Amy, your squares are so inspirational...and cute! I, too, have started a list and truth be told, I have been kept awake at night thinking up new squares! This project has really captured my imagination :) The most challenging part is just doing one square per day..LOL! Thank you so much for dreaming up this wonderful stitch-along!

  11. That is really cute. It's raining here too!

  12. How fun, I really want to do this! I wish I'd heard about it when it started!

  13. Oh wish I had known all your squares. have another one? xo Laura