Wednesday, March 24, 2010

square twenty-four

Maybe this is cheating? I printed a little picture of me as a little girl onto fabric, cut it into a square and then stitched a beaded border.

I had a question about the flower a few days ago...that was another little cheat. It was a flower cut from some lace trim and then stitched in the center. I'm hoping to do more real stitching on the next row but sometimes time is tight. I'm sure you know what I mean....


  1. I think that is awesome! What a terrific idea!

  2. Very fun!
    Can you share your method of printing on fabric? I tried recently (I'll admit, I tried a strange method) and it didn't work...probably wasn't real good for my printer either.
    I'll leave my e-mail here:

  3. oooo what a brilliant idea, i did leave a comment on one of the other posts but i didn't leave my blog address, thats probably why i can't see it on the sidebar blog is
    thank you!
    and also thanks for coming up with such a good idea! it's so addictive!

  4. I love that sweet little square with the adorable big smile-- so cute, and such a great idea!

  5. I love this little picture - if the whole sampler were just stitching - it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. This is so much fun!

  6. This is a lovely idea Amy...and not cheating at all! Any chance of you taking a progress shot of your sampler? I'd love to see how it's looking so far :)

  7. Good idea, Amy!
    I think you have to do a few change-ups in the sampler so that the little embroidery doesn't get lost amidst the busyness. KWIM?
    I like your "cheats". Adds to the unique quality.
    I used a pansy from a vintage doily today.
    Guess you could call it a cheat as well.

  8. I just found this project today and I love it, I want to make a sampler too, it's a great idea and your embroidery is so adorable!

  9. I love this picture! Love your smile! I can feel the happiness in this picture! I needed this today :) Happy Thursday friend!
    ~Molly P

  10. HI Amy,
    Can you imagine your sampler without this photo!?? No way! I love it and the beaded frame is wonderful!
    I for one Love your work!
    Lives can be very busy! Give some one a hug ..

    With Kindness,
    p.s. CUTE photo of you :)

  11. Ha! I was the one with the question about the flower. And here I was, feeling all intimidated because I couldn't make the flower, I would have to sew on a lace one!

    And no, I don't think the flower or the photo with the beaded frame is cheating -- they are good ideas and I like the variety.

    Finally, is it too late for me to join the group?

  12. I have been meaning to comment for awhile, Amy, your squares are so inspiring. I've been making one along with you, although you are further along than I am. :) I also turned 39 this year, so this is a perfect little challenge for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I was surfing blogland today and just found this site. Is it too late to get involved. I love this idea so much. I have a blog called Chicory Nits and blog about doll houses, embroidery and any other crafts I am wording on. I would love to join in on this.

  14. I guess I should leave my address too -- Thanks!

  15. This is such a great idea with the picture. I am learning there are so many possibilities in this project. I love this 39 squares, I would love to participate in more projects like this and start at the beginning.