Tuesday, April 20, 2010

another stitchalong?

Do you want to do another stitchalong?

I've gotten a few emails and comments asking what's next and I have a few ideas.

idea no. 1: Do a passalong stitchalong where we'll each do an inch square on a grid and then mail it to the next person. We'd have to move it around rather quickly and I'd have to require that you only participate if you knew that you could turn it around super quickly. But I think it would be fun for all of us to work on the same cloth. We could either donate the finished piece to a worthy cause or do a giveaway for it.

idea no. 2: We could do another grid-sampler for counting our blessings. Each square would be something representing a blessing in our life. I imagine that the stitching would help us keep our lives in perspective and appreciate what we have.

idea no. 3: This might not be everyone's cup of tea but I think it would be powerful and personal. Similar to idea no. 2, we could do a prayerful sampler. Each square would represent a prayer. We would pray as we stitch, thinking deeply of what prayer the square represents and then when we post the square we also post an accompanying prayer.

idea no 4: Stitching swap. We could stitch something useful, like pillowcases, napkins, tea towels, and swap them. And maybe to make it even more special, instead of sending the gift to one another, we could think of someone in our lives who could use a pick-me-up and have it sent to them instead. So if Mary and Jane were partners, maybe Mary requests that Jane send the gift to Mary's cousin who just had surgery and maybe Jane requests that Mary send the gift to Jane's friend who's feeling blue.

So I'm putting it up for a vote...look on  my main blog for the poll and vote for which you think would be the most fun. You don't have to commit to participating...this is just to let me know which idea we should go with. Sign up will be later.


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  2. Me ha encantado esta idea!!!! Con tu permiso voy a realizar uno para mi hija Valentina!!! Y con tu permiso también voy a nombrarte en mi blog!!! Es maravilloso lo que haces!! Cariños desde Argentina! Gabriela

  3. I would love to participate in your new round....I love the idea of counting our blessings as the theme!

  4. I am participating in the new stitchalong as well.

  5. Ohhhhh wow....I've enjoyed all your work, all your pictures and LOVE it!!!


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  7. I am starting a 36 sq piece, it's my age this year and I like the look of a square. I have a book of stitches I've been wanting to try, this will be a fun way to do this!

  8. I just keep checking in and not commenting! I have watched your beautiful stitch along and was so thrilled by each square.

    I think doing a prayer stitch along would be a wonderful idea!

    I'm not sitting on the sidelines this time. I want to do the next one with you.
    I'm a follower now!

  9. I like ideas 1 and 4. Please put me on your list.

  10. Amy can I still join in for this and grab the button or is it too late? ~Shelley O.

  11. just saw this... it is amazing! If you happen to start something up, I would love to be apart of it!

  12. I just found your blog, and would love to make one myself! I've been really itching to do some embroidery lately. I hope you still have another stitchalong!!

  13. lovely lovely blog! follow you. kissesss Polly

  14. I wish I would have found this earlier! I still may try it. What a beautiful thing...Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  15. I want to join in the new stitch along! I love the one you just did. I guess I'll do that one on my own. It is adorable! I like the "count your blessings" #2 idea.

    Oh wow, I'm just now seeing that these comments are really old. Do you have something new going on? Maybe those of us who are just finding out could do our own stitch along???

  16. Thank you for sharing and showing your beautiful work. It is charming and so personal. You have inspired me to do one. At 43 I have a few more squares to do but it is an achievable goal.

    Thanks again! :)

  17. love art of stitching, but have no patience for it...its just make me sad. i can just think of of amazing pillows with colorful embroidery...
    take a look at my blog, tell me if you like it :)

  18. Sounds like fun ! I haven't done any embroidery in years. Let me know if you are starting something......Thanks !

  19. I would love to join a stitch along, how do I start?

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  21. Is anyone still doing the 39squares? I saw there was a workshop long time ago on 39 squares.